Rape Alarms

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Rape Alarms

Rape alarms are one of those must have items, but before we discuss why if you have visited this site before and have come back to buy a rape alarm just click on one of the photos on the right of this page and you will be taken to a vast selection of the best rape alarms. =>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>

Rape Alarms – Why Should You Have One?

Anyone going out alone at night should carry a rape alarm, and yes I do mean carry. There is no point in having any form of attack alarm if you are going to carry it in a bag or purse; hold it in your hand. If, God forbid, you are assaulted, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to find your rape alarm in the bottom of your bag.

There several reasons you should have and carry a rape alarm, the first might not seem that obvious, for peace of mind. When I say peace of mind I don’t mean that by just carrying a rape alarm you will never worry about being attacked again. What I mean is, if you find yourself in that horrible situation at least there is something you can do.

The second reason is awareness. When a rape alarm goes off, believe me, people will hear it and so will your attacker. This gives you two chances to escape and avoid being injured or worse. Firstly, few if any attackers want attention being brought to what they are doing. The chances of someone coming to your aid increase greatly when any type of attack alarm is raised, and the person trying to assault you knows this.

The second reason is the sheer shock your assailant will feel when you set off your rape alarm; this could give you the vital seconds you need to escape.

Buy A Rape Alarm

Even if you don’t buy a rape alarm through this site please get one, I want you to be safe. Of course it would be nice if you bought through us, I would be lying if said different, but my main concern is that you get one from somewhere.

When all is said and done these things only cost a few dollars or pounds, depending where you live, hardly a life-changing sum of money, but owning one could save our life.

While you are here why not check some of the rape alarms available. Until next time, stay safe


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