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Pepper Spray Pens

Thinking of buying a pepper spray pen? Do you live in the UK? What are your rights compared to America? Each  US citizen has the right under the constitution to protect themselves, their family unit, along with their belongings. If you reside in England you could not be blamed for thinking you hold the precise same human rights, however you don’t.

With all the UK government spokesmen talk of equal chances, personal freedom, along with the individuals entitlement to live without fear, discrimination, or harassment, you would assume that a man or woman had the entitlement to look after themselves from physical assault via what ever way possible. Yet, in actuality this is as remote from the fact as it is possible to get. If you were attacked do you think you would be able to defend yourself with say, a pepper spray pen?

God forbid, but if you are physically  assaulted within the UK there is one detail to bear in mind when it comes to your reaction, reasonably force. Reasonable force? Who decides what constitutes reasonable force. In the split second of attack the defendant decides what counter measures to engage and the level of force needed. However, it might be the police or a high court judge that determines if you used rational force.

Lets take a case in point. A girl is attacked at knife point and sexual assaulted. The assailant, having raped the girl, gets up and goes to walk away. The girl gets to her feet, picks up a heavy item and hits the man over the head and kills him. Is this sensible force? To the ordinary man and woman in the street the react would be a categorical yes. In truth the poor lady is going to be tried for murder/manslaughter. Why? For the reason that the assailant was walking away and therefore there was no need to look after herself.

So surely the response is to protect yourself using no force. Knifes are out of the question in the UK as they are offensive weapons. As a result that leaves protective weapons, but what is a protective weapon?

Women in the united kingdom have argued that some form of mace spray, ie a pepper spray pen, is the ultimate defensive weapon. For example; it needs little or no ability to handle, it is none deadly, and the size and power of the user has no bearing on its effectiveness. Further more, women claim that the average size and strength differences, that there are between the sexes, makes the utilization of mace spray the single reasonable form of none lethal defense. Though, this contention has been rejected by the (mostly male) government.

This has left the united kingdom’s women with merely two alternatives. One, take the risk that they will not be attacked or secondly, get mace spray on the net. Though, the ladies that obtain pepper spray on the internet are running the risk of prosecution, because pepper spray (UK) is illegal in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. If you purchase, put up for sale, or carry pepper spray you are leaving yourself open to arrest and prosecution.

Having said that, tens of 1000′s of woman go on to purchase and carry pepper spray. This is because in actuality, the worry of attack out weighs the worry of being arrested. Can any of us honestly criticize women for feeling the need to carry something handy like a pepper spray pen when convictions for assaults on women are so low?

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