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Home Security

Home security is and always has been a topic close to most home owner’s minds. No one wants to feel venerable in their own home. However, home security rarely seems to be at the top of most people’s lists when it comes to things to do. Home improvements, decorating, even the gardening seems to take precedence over locks, bolts, and alarm systems when it comes to spending money.

Installing basic anti-theft devices needn’t be expensive, a basic home alarm costs as little as £30. Even taking basic security steps like making sure broken or warn out porch lights get replaced will have a positive effect. The point I am trying to make is that with a bit of thought and time you can drastically improve your home security without spending a fortune.

Home Security System

A home security system can cost anything from under £100 to many £1000′s, but if you start with the basics you can always improve things later, so what are the basics.

Window and door locks

A burglar alarm

Front and rear exterior lighting.

That’s it! There you have a basic home security system. At a later date you can always upgrade to intruder alarms that link straight to a security firm or the police, but for now we have all we need.

With a little bit of common sense we can protect our properties further. Things to check on a regular basis.

Make sure you know what goes on around your property, do you know who your neighbours are, what cars they drive etc. Doing so will enable you to spot things that look out of place. Check your local papers for news of breakings, thefts, or vandalism; often there will be descriptions of the culprits.

Also check your boundaries on a regular basis. Make sure you inspect your fences, garden gates, and external locks for signs of damage or tampering with. If you have alley ways running down the side a back of your garden it might be worth walking down them once in a while so that you can spot anything that is out of the ordinary.

Home Security lighting

As I mentioned earlier security lighting at the back and front of your home is one of my top tips. We all know that winter nights are long, and there is nothing more that a burglar likes than working unseen. So, just the introduction of security lighting will have most thieves scurrying away.

Home security – Summary

The main point I am trying to make, and it is worth remembering, is any home security system is better than none. Even if you have little or no money there are always things you can do, even thinking about how to protect your property is a positive thing. Just do what you can and keep improving your home security, even the smallest steps can make a huge difference… Be Safe.

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