Buying Pepper Spray?

I get a lot of questions about buying pepper spray, which of course is only natural as self defence and pepper spray is the main focus of this site. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion on the legality of  it depending where you live. Is it, for example, legal for people to be buying pepper spray if they live in the UK? The short answer is no, as I have said before, it is illegal to purchase, import, or own pepper spray in the UK.

However, the honest answer is people do purchase mace, they do import CS spray, and they do own various pepper spray products. How many get caught? I don’t know, but my research says not many.

At the end of the day it is an individuals judgement call as to whether a fine or prosecution out weighs the need for this form of protection. We here at can only inform you of what we have been told and it is down to the readers of this site to check the legal situation in the country they are from.

I will over the next few weeks publish a list of countries in which it is illegal to own pepper spray, so keep an eye out for that.

Buying Pepper Spray – Through This Site?

If you are buying pepper spray through this site (which I hope you do) please check the suppliers delivery terms and conditions, this is especially important if you live outside of USA.

Farb-gel does supply the UK market (click top left picture)

Thanks for reading

Note; This site is designed and promoted with US citizens in mind. If you are outside of the USA please check with the supplier and know your legal position. We cannot take any responsibility for actions taken away from this site.

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