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Rape alarms used to be a woman’s defensive weapon of choice. However, for many years rape alarms seemed to become something that went against the ethos of the modern, confident woman. During the 1980′s and 90′s the sale of rape alarms dropped. Whether this was a sign of the times or more women taking up self-defence no one knows. Today however, things are changing, rape alarm sales are on the increase.

Violent Crime

Personally, I think that the rise in unprovoked and gratuitous violence has a lot to do with all forms of attack alarms seeing a rise in sales.

Everyday there seems to be another story on the news or in the papers about some form of needless and senseless violence. Age or gender seems not to be a safeguard against attack. But why is this?

Has our society become so de-sensitised to violence that we no longer care about the suffering of others? Or are the decent majority just too scared to get involved when a crime is being committed?

Whatever the reasons there can be no doubt that vicious attacks are on the rise.

Rape Alarms – Personal Protection

Rape has to be one of the most heinous and damaging crimes there is and yet one of the hardest to get justice for.

There are many reasons why the vast majority of rapes do not end up with offender being caught or when they are caught not being found guilty. Sometimes the victim is just unable to report a rape because of a feeling of shame, or fear, or just not being believed.

When a rape is reported to the police the victim is still a long way from justice. The whole investigation and court process places a huge burden on the victim; one I feel is totally unfair.

That’s why I feel personal protection is such a huge issue. If only 10% of potential rape victims are saved their ordeal by carrying and using a rape alarm, that amounts to thousands of lives that remain un-wrecked.

I have deliberately refrained from suggesting that only women are the victims of rape, but the truth is the majority are women.

If you are a man reading this then please make sure the women in your life have some form of protection from attack. If you are a woman, then please purchase and carry a rape alarm. There are several rape alarms advertised on this site that you can purchase, but I don’t care where you buy it from, go elsewhere if you wish, just please buy a Rape Alarm

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