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Pepper Spray UK – Buying and using pepper spray in the UK has become a hot topic since the widespread use of pepper spray by the police. With the never-ending rise in crime, especially knife crime, more and more people are looking to defend themselves.

For the average victim of crime their first reaction to being assaulted is to flee. However, when faced by a violent and maybe armed assailant this might not be as easy as it sounds.

The young, old, women, and the disabled maybe physically unable to get away or defend themselves from a vicious assault. Even strong, fit men can be paralysed by fear when a gun or knife is pointed at them. So is pepper spray (UK) the answer?
First we need to identify the various products that available under the general catchall term pepper spray.

OC Pepper Spray

OC pepper spray gets its name from the main ingredient used in the spray Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). OC is derived from Cayenne Peppers. When the droplets of the spray hit the face the OC cause the eyes to shut and induces a burning sensation that cause the eyes to water. The active ingredients also cause a burning sensation in the throat and uncontrollable coughing. The combination of these symptoms confuses and disorientates the recipient.

There are no long-term harmful affects associated with this spray and the symptoms usually pass within 45 minutes.

Pepper Spray Foam

Like the more common Liquid form of the product, the foam causes the same effects to occur. The main difference is the physical barrier the foam causes to the recipients vision, along with the chemicals affects.

Tear Gas

Tear gas is not strictly speaking a pepper sspray, although it does get grouped under the term. The chemicals in tear gas work in a similar way to a traditional pepper spray. However, the irritation and watering of the eyes can be more severe. The airways are also more restricted making breathing more difficult.

Pepper Spray Combinations

There are numerous hybrid sprays on the market, Mace being the most famous, some of these combine chemical agents with dyes. These dyes can come in pigment form, which colour the skin for up to five days, or UV dyes that the police can detect to identify the assailants.

Pepper Spray UK

Pepper Spray UK Law – prohibits the purchasing, carrying, or use of any form of pepper spray. This basically means you are subject to arrest for contravening any of the above. Does this mean that UK residents are not buying or carrying pepper spray? The short answer is no. The purchasing and carrying of pepper spray, by ordinary members of the public, increases year on year.

People feel the need to protect themselves, in fact they feel it is their right, and pepper spray fits the bill. At the end of the day defensive sprays are a non-lethal for of protection. Unfortunately the law, as usual, does not take into account the rights of the majority. So what can be done? Well manufacturers have taken these issues on board and come up with some creative ways of disguising pepper spray.

Disguised Pepper Sprays

To try and combat the above issues manufacturers produce spray dispensers in the form of:

  • Key Rings
  • Pens
  • Mobile Phones
  • Pagers
  • Lipsticks
  • Compact Make up
  • Credit Card Holders

The list goes on and on.

I hope you have found this article interesting but if you live in the UK I am obliged to warn you of the following
This site ( is geared towards the overseas market.

Any products on this site are supplied from America, Canada, or Asia by a third party company in no way associated with this site.

The Purchasing or carrying of these products is subject to the law of the state or Country in which you live.

Any risk associated with the purchase of these pepper spray products, whether financial or in terms of the law is solely down to the individual or company purchasing them. neither condemns or condones the purchasing or use of pepper spray, its sole purpose is to provide information and examples of products to its readers.

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