Defence Sprays And Personal Alarms

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Defence sprays and personal alarms were invented for a reason; self protection. In these troubled and, sometimes, violent times having the means to protect yourself from attack is becoming a necessity. Not a day goes by without some kind of violent attack being reported on the news. However, choosing the right defence spray or personal alarm is not as straight forward as you may have thought, so how do go about picking the right product?

The first thing to consider is where you live, this might seem like a strange thing to take into account when thinking about whether to buy pepper spray or a rape alarm, for example, but you must. The law on carrying, or even purchasing, any type of Mace/pepper spray varies from country to country, so make sure you know were stand legally before buying any pepper spray device.

Personal And Rape Alarms

Buying a personal alarm or rape alarm is a lot more straight forward as they are legal in most countries. The only real decision you have to make is what type of device you are looking for. For example, do you want to carry it with you at all time or just on certain occasions? If you want to your alarm with you at all times you could consider one that attaches to your keys, like the ones to the right. For a great product that you carry in your bag, purse, or pocket why not try something like the trident alarm.

Trident Attack Alarm – Three Way Protection

The Trident attack alarm is a great personal protection product that protects you in three ways.

1 – It has a piercing 138 decibel alarm.

2 – It sprays an ultra violet tracing liquid.

3 – it sprays the attacker with a repulsive odour.

The canister has the following approx. Dimensions: 11cm long, 3.5cm Diameter and can be used for approximately 3 – 4 minutes full operation or 80 test blasts.

The alarms are manufactured to meet the requirements of British Standard BS6800, BS5750 Quality Standard, EC Regulation 3093/94EC, and EC Directive 89/336/EEC.

That’s right these are legal in the UK – I mention that as I keep getting asked which products are legal for UK residents.

The best thing about the Trident alarm is that it marks the attacker with the ultra violet liquid, meaning that it can be traced by the police!

Defence Sprays And Personal Alarms Summary

Defence sprays and personal alarms are great ways of boosting your personal safety and I would highly recommend that you have one. Also, if you have a wife, girl friend, or know someone that is vulnerable to attack consider buying them one, as the peace of mind it brings is well worth the money.

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